Their chest is narrow. American Foxhound Temperament and Personality. They are scent hounds, bred to hunt foxes. Things to Consider. The American Foxhound is a breed that’s far from aggressive. See more ideas about american foxhound, the fox and the hound, foxhound dog. American Foxhound Temperament. American Foxhound Personality and Temperament. American Foxhound history is both specific and, in a manner of speaking, presidential. American Foxhounds are sweet, loyal, and relatively easy-going. American Foxhounds are usually very affectionate and friendly, especially with people they know well. The American Foxhound has a very docile and sweet demeanor. Pleasant and gentle, he will be sociable with all members of the household. Hard working and with a rather dominating character, the American Foxhound prefers to work alone. The American Foxhound is very independent, and they don’t really like taking orders from us. Especially since they are scent hounds. They are athletic and highly active. In the absence of a daylong hunt, keeping this energetic breed happy usually requires at least an hour or two of stimulating exercise each day. Weight varies in the range of 45 to 60 pounds i.e. Origins. American Foxhound. Which is better: American Foxhound or English Foxhound Life span: 10-12 years. The American Foxhound loves to play but is just as happy doing just about anything. Loading... Unsubscribe from Ruth sofa? They are very docile creatures, sweet even and they get along with children very easily. Teamwork is not his cup of tea. These became the origin of many American hounds.. They thrive on human attention and form very strong … The American Foxhound has a very docile and sweet demeanor. Activity Level. Temperament. The breed is famous for its loudness that can be heard for miles. Compare English Foxhound and American Foxhound and German Wirehaired Pointer. George Washington was known as a breeder and kept a pack of American … His reaction to strangers can either be very friendly or protective. The foxhound is a bold, courageous and highly energetic dog, which responds well to clear direction and leadership but is not as biddable as some other breeds. American foxhound is found to be about 21 to 25 inches i.e. The breed is known to get along with children and other dogs very well (a pack mentality drives them to other dogs). It is hard to keep off a leash and they really should not be off a leash unless you have a large piece of land that is secure. A typical dog is gentle, easygoing, and gets along with children and other animals. Ears are wide and low-set. Le foxhound américain a été utilisé contre les Amérindiens. Exercise is one of the key considerations for an American Foxhound owner. Even if he can do it in a group, he will be more efficient by himself. … Il a vu le jour pour la première fois aux Etats-Unis pour faire la chasse des renards. They’re reserved with strangers most of the time. They have longer legs than their English relatives and this keeps them very active. These dogs, especially, have a melodious tone and in fact, they have been featured in movies too (The Other, The Education of Little Tree, Tombstone). American … American Foxhound . Therefore, this can make training a little difficult. Compare American Foxhound and English Foxhound and {name3}. American Foxhound temperament The American Foxhound breed is a scent hound, that was originally used to hunt foxes. Foxhounds tend to be independent and stubborn, but they can be trained as family dogs if their owner establishes their position as leader of the pack. Dog Breeds Pictures American Foxhound The Fox And The Hound Family Dogs Boston Terrier Facts Animals Image Animaux. This increased elasticity can still run in the wrong place at great speed scaffolding can fully exercise their hunting skills. They get along well with both human and dog companionship. Most American Foxhounds are very approaching and … American Foxhound temperament American Foxhound training tips Ruth sofa. Jun 27, 2016 - Explore Anger East's board "American Foxhound", followed by 280 people on Pinterest. This breed is accustomed to pack life, and therefore requires an owner who will establish and maintain him/herself as the pack leader. Cancel Unsubscribe. Which is better: English Foxhound or American Foxhound or German Wirehaired Pointer? La queue est portée légèrement en brosse, légèrement recourbée au-dessus du dos. The breed has its roots with an early American settler named Robert Brooke, who sailed from England in the mid-1600s; Brooke brought a pack of hunting dogs with him--and those dogs (believed to have been mostly English Foxhounds) are the original ancestors of all future American Foxhounds. They have long muzzle and large domed skull. They have longer legs than their English relatives and this keeps them very active. Like most hounds, the American Foxhound excels at hunting and chasing. The foxhound temperament. Many are still used as pack hunters to this day. Temperament. The American Foxhound’s handsome coat is short and lies close to the body. Robert Brooke sailed from England to Crown Colony in North America in 1650 and brought his hunting dogs with him. Quoi qu’il en soit, elle fut reconnue par l'American Kennel Club (AKC) en 1894. However, it behaves itself pretty well in the home. However, they may act shy and reserved when around strangers; it's not uncommon for the American Foxhound to act sheepish or timid with unfamiliar surroundings. The American Foxhound differs substantially from its English counterpart in temperament. 530 to 640 mm tall. This breed is gentle, amiable, and tolerant, even though they’re not overly affectionate. Legs of the American foxhound are long and straight- boned. However, once of the scent of a quarry, they become single-minded and determined, and may be almost impossible to recall if off leash. These dogs are known for being considerably friendlier with people. His friendliness and easy-going nature mean that you should not expect him to be a guard dog. Affection and a gentle nature are evident in the home, yet in the field the foxhound is focused, fiercely courageous and fast. Temperament. Find similarities and differences between English Foxhound vs American Foxhound vs German Wirehaired Pointer. Origin: United States.

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