I'm taking her off of it immediately.”

I don't abuse my friends and family, my anxiety is significantly lessened, and I can act normally in social situations. Also inositol can help with OCD and repetitive behavior but I have found the effect to not last all day and can give stomach discomfort as side effect. In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study of memantine combined with fluoxetine published by Ghaleiha et al. Brand names. Chantix--stopped me from smoking and I had a friend that was a chronic gambler at the casino. The association of OCD-schizotypal comorbidity with the beneficial effect of memantine is noteworthy in view of a pertinence of glutamatergic dysfunction in both OCD and schizophrenia spectrum disorders . I've tried SSRIs, almost all of them, and hated them. Hey everyone, I have tried many different ocd drug therapies, but have yet to try a glutamate modulating therapy such as Memantine (Namenda), Riluzole (Rilutek), N-acetyl cysteine, or amantadine. namenda. Memantine is an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist, approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia in a number of countries. I'm on 40mg vyvanse and 5mg memantine, so far it's good but worried if I will need to see psych soon to increase my dose. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is exactly what the name says it is. The off-label use of memantine is so surprising because the benefits seem to range from memory to concentration, treatment of ADHD, OCD, manic episodes, and even libido. Memantine is chemically similar to ketamine, which is known to produce a fast-acting antidepressant effect in patients. You want Nictonic Acid or Niacin with no mention of "flush free" or "sustained release"...also Niacinamide is not what you want either. Can't really recommend Klonopin for anybody on a daily basis though. I am prone to addictions, ruminations, fixations. This will gradually be increased over the following few weeks. Previous research has identified some neuroprotective role for L-carnosine potentially via its modulatory effect on glutamate. I have anxiety and depression as well, but the OCD is the worst. Adding memantine to fluvoxamine in treatment of OCD also resulted in more complete response in that study. Also known as: Namenda, Namenda XR Memantine has an average rating of 5.3 out of 10 from a total of 55 ratings on Drugs.com. I try to write it in a way so that it doesn't seem like I'm trying to advertise a product or something lol. I am a chronic suffer of Severe OCD, and have read numerous of studies of Memantine being effective for treatment resistant OCD. It can manifest in a wide variety of ways, for example : Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is commonly treated with both medication and cognitive behavioral therapy.Medications that target serotonin pathways in the brain, like antidepressants, are particularly effective in treating people with OCD—and if this doesn't work, adding on an antipsychotic medication may be useful. Can be had by script or online. Chills out my mind and relieves the muscle tension that develops when I ruminate negative thoughts before bed. I take it for migraines. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MemantineHCl community. How are you feeling currently? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm only a few days in but will let you know regarding things like intrusive thoughts, physical compulsions and anxiety. I am currently on vyvanse which helps the OCD somewhat (can make it worse though), gabapentin 600mg 3x a day, propanalol 20mg 3x, baclofen 20mg 3x, lamictal 100mg, and melatonin for sleep. You basically either mix it into an oil (preferably coconut) and take it orally or vaporize it on it's own (never try to vaporize oil, vape fluid is propylene glycol). I've tried SSRIs, almost all of them, and hated them. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. The use of memantine in OCD has been demonstrated in open-label trials and in two recent randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Unlike benzos you don't feel slower on it, you just feel this sort of "thick"/"slowed" feeling in your mind sort of like you're too tired to care about being anxious (like "I could be worried about that but what's the point it won't do anything") but at the same time you don't actually feel mentally tired. Although the risk of memantine abuse is very low, other NMDA receptor antagonists, such as phencyclidine and ketamine, are well known to drug users. Hold liquid in mouth and do not swallow for at least 2 minutes. I've read reports on reddit and some journals that memantine can help OCD. I am currently on vyvanse which helps the OCD somewhat (can make it worse though), gabapentin 600mg 3x a day, propanalol 20mg 3x, baclofen 20mg 3x, lamictal 100mg, and melatonin for sleep. Above that dose range and it gets too weird and u can come off strange and lose control a bit & it lasts a day or more. Have you ever tried Provigil or Nuvigil (Nuvigil is a purer, cleaner form of Provigil)? ... Reddit; Most popular articles. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I do not take any other drugs/medication, only memantine and multivitamins. Memantine will definitely slow down racing, uncontrolled thoughts, though you may or may not like the side-effects. –Reddit user review “I’m still adjusting to 20mg, but I spent about 6 weeks at 10mg and I like memantine quite a bit. The Combined Effects of Memantine and Fluoxetine on an Animal Model of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder July 2009 Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology 17(3):191-7 I would say it's helped and definitely worth a try. no side effects you say??? I'd love to try it out! Magnesium...I'm a huge fan. Very few side effects, minimal tolerance and excellent potency for obsessive anxiety. I have severe form of OCD. I didn't have severe OCD, but mildly OCD, ADHD, and Depression, and Memantine alone worked great for me in the first months (much better than NAC at high doses). The earlier use of antipsychotics as monotherapy for obsessive-compulsive symptoms was prompted by the effectiveness of these agents in Tourette’s syndrome, which has phenomenological similarities with OCD. Pretty safe supplement. NOTE: SUSTAINED RELEASE flush free niacin is not what you want as it ACTUALLY can accumulate in your system and can do some liver stuff if too much. It's side effect profile is nearly non existent. by Christopher Pittenger, MD, PhD, & Wayne Goodman, MD. Hi. It is taken by mouth. It may help short term, but long term I worry that it can aggravate...folks sometimes "pick" and obsess on amphetamines...especially the longer acting Meth versions. I seriously doubt memantine's NMDA properties were of any benefit for me, probably because I don't have anxiety or other signs of glutaminergic over-activity to begin with. User Reviews for Memantine. All patients in the study will receive memantine; no one will receive placebo. Current psychotherapy and medication treatments for OCD can be of help to many who suffer from the disorder. 11 In another case–control study, memantine was found to be effective as a glutamatergic‐augmenting agent in severe OCD. The most popular drugs for the treatment of OCD are the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). i would love to try CBD but unfortunately can't because I live in a sober house. Memantine is a medication used to treat moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's disease. I'm writing a quick post to try and convince people to try what I did. Read More. 0.5 mg ( aka 500 micrograms or half of a dropper) is actually the proper dose and extra 0.5 mg can be added 20 minutes later if the first doesn't work. I also have very severe migraines, and was not aware Memantine could treat it. Page 1 of 3 - Memantine Has Obliterated My Depression and Social Anxiety - posted in Mental Health: Hey all, just wanted to briefly share my experience here. Chantix stopped that too. This is why it's seen as so overrated by some, because there are so many vendors selling it in ridiculously low concentrations or lying and there's still THC in the product (if from a dispensary). Niacin is prescribed by doctors at 2000 mg per day in divided doses to help people control cholesterol that don't want to use statins, so it is a very safe supplement. It’s pretty surprising when I take a look through the community though I’ve never tried it myself. Chantix is usually only taken for a maximum of 6 months and takes a few weeks to kick in...but, I wonder if a psych has ever considered using it longer term or what the risks might be? There are very few if any well designed studies on antipsychotic monotherapy for OCD. I'm curious if smoking marijuana daily had an effect on the brain fog and positive effects of memantine. When the flush wears off, my mind feels just like I just got home from the gym and just sat down in my favorite chair....with that calm, relaxed feeling. The RCTs analyzed a total of 82 patients and found a significant improvement in short-term outcomes and higher rates of remission achieved with memantine than placebo, without significantly augmented side effects. Yeah NAC barely did much for me... was not a fan. Klonopin--is great for my OCD type stuff but for some reason other benzos don't work the same. It's hard to explain. The present study investigates the effect of fluoxetine and memantine alone and in combination in a mouse model of compulsive behavior. If anyone has information on or experience with any of the above medications, would you please share that with me? Memantine and ocd. Thanks so much. You will be given a small dose when you first start treatment. An open-label st… They show up for THC on a drug-test, right? Antipsychotics were one of the first medications to be tried for treatment of OCD. the different state of mind you experience with memantine treatment and the new ways of thinking it creates can make you stumble a little the first time. I am a chronic suffer of Severe OCD, and have read numerous of studies of Memantine being effective for treatment resistant OCD. I'm now on Venvanse and Memantine, and 50-70% covered with this combo. It also gives you more precise control over your dosage throughout the day/. And one day I realized....I haven't been doing my rituals. I use it until I develope a tolerance to it to where I no longer flush even at 500 mg doses and that is I then take a 3-4 days off from it. The prim … A Meta-Analysis of Memantine for Depression J Alzheimers Dis. Out of curiosity, what has your experience been. I know this is counterintuitive to do something uncomfortable to get relief...but when you know its coming and tell yourself that the flushing and itching will stop in 30-40 minutes and IS COMPLETELY normal, it really helps. Memantine appears to work by regulating the activity of glutamate, one of the brain's specialized messenger chemicals, which may play a role in OCD. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is strange for speed (Vyvanse) to work against OCD. N-Acetyl Cysteine completely caught me off guard as I bought it for something completely unrelated. It is best to take in the evening when you don't have plans to go anywhere as you will look pretty fucked up going through the flush stage. It’s basically a mental condition where an individual experiences bothersome, intrusive, and worrisome thoughts that elicit a feeling of discomfort and/or fear that often leads to obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

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